About the Podcast

The Camera Gear Podcast is exactly what it sounds like: a podcast about camera gear. We like to say that we’re more into cameras than photography, and we started this podcast as a place to discuss photo and video gear. We cover news about upcoming camera equipment, discuss the ins and outs of associated gear such as tripods and on-camera monitors, and go deep on technical topics like camera sensors and codecs. If you’re into the technical aspects of photography, you’ll probably enjoy this show.



Daniel has been into photography since high school, and fondly remembers the days of miniDV camcorders and entry level DSLRs (he still has both!) These days, he focuses on videography–event videos for his church, promotional content, and videos for his YouTube channel. He also does product photography for a 3D printing business. As someone who works in tech and enjoys analyzing technical details, Daniel likes to dig in and understand the inner workings of photography gear, and is always in search of the right tool for each job.


Lucas has always been interested in films and cameras, and values photography as a way to capture personal memories as well as a creative outlet. When he’s not taking pictures of his dogs, Lucas enjoys creating short films and gear review videos. He also is drawn to the experimentation aspect of photography, and is constantly testing cameras and other gear to better understand how things work.