Interested in sponsoring the Camera Gear Podcast or collaborating with us? You’ll find all of the critical information about our show on this page. When you’re ready to discuss it further, contact us here.

Show Synopsis

The Camera Gear Podcast is a one-hour discussion show about cameras, lighting, and other gear for photo and video. On the show, we cover new releases, review the gear we use in real-world filming situations, and discuss techniques and strategies to make the best use of camera gear.

For more information about the show and hosts, we have a concise overview on our press information page.

Audience and Show Facts

  • 3,000+ downloads across the show catalog in the past 30 days
  • Typical episodes receive 300-400 listens within the first week of publication
  • 56% of listeners are based in the United States
  • >60% of listeners are on Apple/iOS platforms
  • New episodes release weekly, with 50+ episodes released so far
  • Our weekly listenership is continually growing. For up-to-date listener numbers on recent episodes, contact us.

Why Should You Work With Us?

Here’s why you would benefit from working with us:

  • Podcasting is an under-served market for camera gear companies: there aren’t many camera-themed podcasts, and podcast listeners do not necessarily overlap with other audiences you are currently targeting, such as YouTube viewers
  • Our listeners are committed camera gear enthusiasts. Each episode is approximately 1 hour long, representing a much larger audience commitment than a YouTube video or Instagram post.
  • The show is growing quickly, and currently has very limited sponsor presence, meaning your placements will stand out. We don’t run generic ads on the show, and prefer to work directly with companies on more meaningful and authentic sponsorship arrangements.

Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

We’re open to discussing multiple types of sponsorship and advertising opportunities, including:

  • Episode Ads: We’ll read an ad of your choosing in the middle of the episode, with wording of your choosing, up to 2 minutes in length. We’ll also thank your company by name at the end of the episode.
  • Gear Highlight/Review: We’ll test and review one of your products, and will dedicate a major time slot in an episode to discussing the product and our experiences. We maintain high ethical standards for reviews and freely share our opinions of the product—we feel that our listeners respect this approach and trust our viewpoint when making gear purchasing decisions. We don’t accept compensation for gear reviews.

If you have another type of sponsorship in mind, we’re open to discussing opportunities beyond what is listed here.

Contact Us

To contact us regarding sponsorship or collaboration, please email us at cameragearpodcast@gmail.com.