Press Information

This page is intended to cover the details of the Camera Gear Podcast for journalistic and reporting purposes. If you’re writing about our podcast or covering it in another medium, please feel free to reach out to us at with any additional questions.

Key Facts

  • Weekly podcast that started in Fall 2022. Releases Tuesday mornings. 40+ episodes so far.
  • Episodes are approximately one hour each.
  • Focuses on both photography and videography, but leans more toward videography
  • Frequent topics:
    • New cameras and associated gear (lenses, lighting, rigging, etc)
    • Software, such as photo backup workflows and video editing in Resolve and other programs)
    • Filming techniques, such as how we use specific camera features or how to light an interview
    • The organizational and business side of photo and video, such as how we planned a large shoot
  • Two co-hosts, who started as hobbyists and have started moving into freelance work

About The Show

The Camera Gear Podcast is a weekly podcast about camera gear, software, and the day-to-day life of shooting photo and video. The show is a relaxed discussion between Daniel English and Lucas Stockburger, two photography hobbyists and freelancers that enjoy going deep into the details of cameras, lights, and editing. You’ll hear about some of the latest releases, but the Camera Gear Podcast isn’t only about news. Frequently, the discussion centers around the hosts’ recent filming experiences, giving you insight into the practical aspects of using camera gear in personal and professional environments.

About The Hosts

Daniel English has been shooting photos and video since he was in high school, and has since expanded that interest into freelance videography. Daniel enjoys analyzing technical details and likes to dig in and understand the inner workings of camera gear, and is always in search of the right tool for each job. He’s also interested in the process and organizational aspects of managing large filming projects.

Lucas Stockburger has always been interested in films and cameras, and values photography as a way to capture personal memories as well as a creative outlet. When he’s not taking pictures of his dogs, Lucas enjoys creating short films and gear review videos. He also is drawn to the experimentation aspect of photography, and is constantly testing cameras and other gear to better understand how things work. He and Daniel frequently work together on freelance projects, leading to in-depth discussions about filming and editing in a team environment.

You’d like the show if…

We think you’d like The Camera Gear Podcast if you can relate to any of the following statements:

  • You enjoy talking about camera gear in extreme detail, and know the feeling of watching someone’s eyes glaze over as soon as you start talking about gamma curves and video codecs.
  • You’re interested in learning more about what it’s like to put camera gear to use for personal or professional work.
  • You want to hear relaxed, sometimes-humorous discussion about new cameras and gear releases.

Recent Episode Topics

Some of our recent show topics include:

  • A deep dive into the Sony A6700–specs, features, and who we think would enjoy the camera
  • Our experience filming an event and editing a recap video with a fast turnaround time
  • Hands-on impressions of using Final Cut Pro on the iPad
  • Possible choices for a camera and lens under $2000 for low-light shooting at events